Buy Masks

Our goal is to supply every student and teacher with reusable fabric masks. If you have a favorite supplier, that’s great! Please look for at least 2-ply masks (meaning 2 layers of fabric). We will need masks in both kid and adult sizes.

You can have masks shipped to the Ypsi Mask Project, or drop them off on our doorstep, and our team of volunteers will collect them, store them and distribute them to YCS to be used as needed. We can even get you a tax receipt upon request!

Please have masks shipped to:

Ypsi Mask Project
1103 Grant Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Where to get reusable masks

Here are some of the inexpensive masks we’ve found:

Send Us Masks ($2.32 and up) buy in bulk for discounts

Old Navy ($2.50 per mask) limited to three 10-packs per customer

Target ($2 per mask) Sold in 2-pack. Kids size also available

Table Cloth Factory ($2 per mask) 5-pack contoured

These masks are a little more expensive but have nice features!

School Mask Pack ($5 per mask) these have adjustable ear loops and come with a laundry bag. Class packs are available with a free teacher pack.

Jaanuu ($4-5 per mask) made by a medical supply company with comfortable shape, anti-microbial fabric, and great colors